Recordings are carried out on one of several portable rigs. Each rig is based around RME hardware, ensuring decent headroom margins and high system reliability, and an Apple Mac running Cockos Reaper, which is the BBC's preferred software for live recordings and broadcasts. We can accommodate 64 channels of audio and high sample rates, and run solid-state backups during all sessions. A comprehensive microphone collection comprises modern and vintage condensers, dynamics and ribbons by established European brands, including:


beyerdynamic MC740, MC930, M160, M88, M69, M201

Microtech Gefell M930

Neumann U87, TLM102, KM183, KM185

Sennheiser MKH8040, MKH8020


Monitoring is by PMC and Sennheiser. Hardware includes solid-state and transformer-equipped preamps, DI boxes and outboard gear by LA Audio, Radial Engineering and dbx, whilst software includes plugins by Focusrite, SSL, 2CAudio and iZotope. We also have a number of medium-format consoles by Yamaha available at private studio facilities if clients prefer to work outside the box. To discuss your requirements: