Eastwood Records has edited many choral, orchestral and chamber CDs for Regent Records, EM Records and other labels, as well as independent releases like Tales from Babel, a Medicine Unboxed Creative Prize-nominated project featuring innovative SFX and sound design to emulate the symptoms of tinnitus and musical hallucination. The work was performed by The Clerks' Group at Spitalfields Music Winter Festival in 2014 and led to a subsequent project, The Descent of Language, broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 in 2015. We have also edited recordings for broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Deutschlandfunk, Classic Praha and other European classical radio stations.

Classical editing entails a keen ear and exceptional attention to detail. Material must be precision matched in terms of dynamics, rhythm, intonation and timbre when splicing between takes. This raises different challenges depending on the instrumentation and voices involved. Part of the editor's job is crafting each edit to ensure it can't be heard on the final master. 

We take pride in our editing skills and carry out the majority of our postproduction in Cockos Reaper, which caters to both 3- and 4-point source/destination editing. We are happy to work from the producer's marked up score or exercise our own judgement as necessary. We can edit material in all musical styles, from pop to classical as well as spoken word, and offer related postproduction services such as restoration and digitisation, and basic video editing.

Rates begin at £45/hour. Click below for a quote, or read more about our mixing and mastering services.