Eastwood Records is able to restore noisy or damaged recordings through the use of sophisticated digital audio repair tools such as iZotope's RX plugin suite. We can remove hums, clicks, clipping and other extraneous noises from music and spoken word recordings, and pay great attention to detail when carrying out spectral repair to ensure a natural-sounding end result.

Telefunken Magnetophon tape machine

We also offer digitisation services for old analogue recording formats such as 78 and 45 RPM records, half-track and quarter-track 1/4" tape and cassette tapes, as well as for obsolete digital technologies like Betamax, DAT and DVD-RAM.

We have access to well-maintained equipment that can play all these formats, including professional reel-to-reel tape machines by Studer, Sony and Magnetophon, along with domestic equivalents by Revox and Stellaphone, and have experience working with the archival collections at the British LibraryLibrary of Congress and Glyndebourne.

Digital transfers can be made at high sample rates and bit depths to maximise sound quality and longevity, and we are also able to offer related mastering services should you need any tonal or dynamic alterations.

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements: