Recording 'on location' can produce amazing results. It is our preferred way of working as it provides a more comfortable environment for musicians, and offers considerable flexibility in terms of acoustics and how the space is used. 

Orpheus Bacchus Festival Bordeaux Alfred Brendel's Piano

Eastwood Records has worked in a huge variety of spaces, from vaulted cellars and manor house gardens to medieval rooftops, museums and abandoned office blocks. Chapels and communal spaces such as village halls often work particularly well for recording acoustic and classical music, but even drums and electric guitar benefit from a room that allows the sound to breathe. Whatever genre you work in, the early and late reflections that make up a room's reverberation have a critical effect on intonation, timbre and other aspects of performance.

Tascam Recorder Radio Mics Glyndebourne Garden

Remote recording sessions are conducted in the same room as the performance or in an adjacent space set up as a temporary control room. We have a range of equipment that suits recording on location, including decent portable monitoring, headphone amps and a custom talkback and red light system, as well as Rycote shock mounts, sE Electronics Reflexion Filters and other baffles that help to isolate certain instruments.

When working outdoors we have a selection of filters and wind shields to mitigate wind noise, along with matched pairs of RF condenser microphones from Sennheiser's MKH range that perform particularly well in humid conditions.

We'd be delighted to discuss your project and always enjoy discovering new recording spaces. Click below to discuss your requirements: