Eastwood Records is able to provide production in all musical styles and spoken word genres. We have produced sessions with Clive James, The Clerks' Group, numerous choirs and orchestras, jazz, funk and soul bands, folks groups, solo artists and a huge variety of amateur musicians and ensembles. The role of the producer is to get the best out of the artist and to manage the sessions accordingly. They also provide a second set of ears that helps the talent maintain perspective. We are comfortable producing sessions by ear, from a script or from a full score.

After a warm up, sessions will usually begin with the recording of whole takes. Once a handful of decent takes are in the can we move onto 'patching', which involves a number of shorter takes to cover bits that need doing again. The takes are edited together on session or during the postproduction stage. We do our utmost to help realise the artist's vision and approach all our sessions – professional or amateur, label or independent – with complete commitment to the final product. 

We also offer related services such as arrangement, scoring, pre-production (rehearsing and preparing the material for recording), session guitar and session drums by appointment. Having worked with some top pop and rock drummers, bassists, guitarists and keyboardists, as well as a large pool of professional classical and jazz musicians – including singers, conductors and composers –we'd be delighted to recommend suitable contacts for your project. We have links with a number of UK-based session players who graduated from leading conservatoires including the Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music, Royal Northern College of Music, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Academy of Contemporary Music and Leeds College of Music. 

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