There are times when a recording studio is just what you need. We have worked in studios of all sizes from Metropolis Studios in West London to a number of smaller private and commercial facilities around the country. We can offer a recording engineer and/or producer for clients who want to hire a specific recording studio, and we can also provide additional equipment to supplement the studio's own inventory.

CMS Studio Cambridge

Eastwood Records is based in London but the company has also taken up residence in a high spec recording studio in the centre of Cambridge. The studio is housed in the University of Cambridge's Centre for Music and Science and connects two acoustically-treated and isolated control rooms, designed by acoustician Raf Orlowski, with a highly flexible Recital Room and the acclaimed West Road Concert Hall. The Recital Room can cater to anything from soloists to big bands whilst the Concert Hall, which was built by Sir Leslie Martin and is run as a commercial venue seating 500 people, accommodates a full symphony orchestra. There are two Steinway Model D grand pianos that can be hired and tuned at cost.

University of Cambridge control room

The studio is equipped with modern and vintage condenser microphones by AKG, Neumann and DPA, and the rooms are patched together with Van Damme cabling. Hardware includes a 2016 Mac Pro, various RME Firefaces and two Yamaha 02R digital consoles. Software includes Pro Tools Native and HD, Logic X, SADiE, Reaper and several soft synth libraries. Both control rooms provide highly neutral monitoring environments and are equipped with nearfield and midfield loudspeakers by ATC and Genelec. The larger of the two rooms is spacious enough to track a four-piece band and can be used to overdub vocals, guitars and drums. The smaller room offers 5.0 monitoring capabilities for surround sound mixing and tracking. The two rooms can be used together for voiceovers, interviews, re-amping and more. 

If you are interested in hiring the studio, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us. Rates start at £150/session.