Analogue equipment

Star Wars

It's difficult to escape the biggest film of 2015. After A New Hope was released in 1977, numerous LPs of John Williams' soundtrack were recorded by various labels. One session took place on this day 38 years ago, featuring the National Philharmonic Orchestra and guest conductor Charles Gerhardt. The record was produced by George Korngold for RCA. Fellow engineers may be interested to see Kenneth Wilkinson's original setup:

A Shortlived Namesake

American rocker Bobby Fuller picked up where fellow Texan Buddy Holly left off in 1959, fusing rock 'n' roll with early-1960s surf rock. As well as singing and playing guitar in his own four-piece band, Fuller set up a series of indie record labels, including Eastwood Records (1962-3).

Bobby Fuller Eastwood Records

He produced and engineered several records using local broadcast equipment before achieving some mainstream success in Hollywood. Fuller's records were often covers of recent hits, as was common practice, but he also wrote his own music. His guitar sound on "Stringer", a B-side surf instrumental from 1963, showcases a classic spring reverb:


Fuller's label changed its name after just three records. Rest assured this Eastwood Records is here to stay...