BBC mixing engineer

Eastwood Records mixes most of its own projects, but many of our clients also come to us to mix and master material they have recorded elsewhere. We usually provide this service remotely, though we can also set up attended mix sessions at a studio of your choice. Our mix engineer Myles Eastwood has worked on tracks in a number of musical styles including funk, pop, soul, bluegrass, folk, jazz, gypsy, orchestral, choral and contemporary classical. Click here to listen to examples of our work.

Multitrack stems are sent to us as wav files, which we mix using a hybrid analogue/digital setup combining RME converters and a vintage Solid State Logic EQ with Cockos Reaper and a selection of third-party plugins by Softube, SSL, Focusrite, iZotope and 2CAudio. We ask clients to provide at least one reference track so we can be confident we're working from the same page. 

Mixing is more time consuming than mastering, especially if the automation is done properly, and it is here you will notice the biggest improvement to your recording. Our usual rate is £45/hour and we recommend you budget accordingly. However, we can also work to a fixed budget and are happy to provide an estimate of what can be done for the price before taking on a project. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements or read more about our MFiT-certified mastering services. Samples of our work can be heard below: