We have recorded many different operas and have experience working in a variety of venues including the Royal Opera House and Glyndebourne. Projects range from chamber operas such as The Opera Story's 2017 reimagining of Snow White and video operas such as Oliver Rudland's Pincher Martin, to full-scale productions, most recently Glyndebourne 2016 Festival. Our recordings have received airplay on UK and European classical radio stations, including BBC Radio 4, Deutschlandfunk and Classic Praha.

Here are two trailers from Glyndebourne for which we recorded and mixed the music:

Eastwood Records is well equipped for opera recordings, with a full complement of professional microphones, cables and hanging wires for discreet placement during live captures. All our mics are coated with Nextel or an equivalent matt finish to avoid light being reflected towards audiences or cameras. We are able to cater to stereo and surround sound mixes, and are used to working alongside camera crews when a video capture is required. 

The key to a good opera recording is choosing the microphones and their polar patterns carefully so that all of the musical material is picked up, even when the equipment is placed out of sight. Our recording engineer Myles Eastwood will balance the orchestra internally as well as against the singers and onstage instruments, with the whole ensemble set against an accurate portrayal of the venue's acoustics.

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