Whether you want to film an entire gig in HD or make an EPK (electronic press kit), Eastwood Records work with a number of dedicated videographers to help realise your project. We have collaborated with Sky Arts, CNN and a host of independent film companies to make music videos, art installations, virtual reality plays and other kinds of creative footage. We are able to provide high quality audio for any release format from Blu-ray to online video, and work closely with the camera crew to ensure the artistic and technical elements of a project are brought together correctly.

There are several approaches to music videos that depend on the client's preferences and the style of music being recorded. A single performance can be filmed and recorded live in a venue with suitable acoustics, providing there is enough space to accommodate cameras and lighting. This approach is effectively a live capture, though there is some scope for editing audio if the rehearsal or soundcheck is recorded too. Here is a video of Camel performing “End of the Line” at the Royal Albert Hall, with audio assistant engineered by us:

Alternatively, audio and video can be recorded separately within the same session. The audio is recorded first, potentially alongside wide shots and other unobtrusive camera angles. Once a number of decent takes are in the can, the microphones are moved back to allow the camera crew to work on close-ups, whilst the musicians continue to play. The original audio is then mixed and mastered before being sent to the video editor to be sync'd with the footage. This approach requires more postproduction but means the music can be edited between different takes and also makes equipment invisible on the final product:

Finally, a music video can be recorded in two separate sessions where the venues are chosen to suit the sound and visuals respectively. This approach suits pop, rock and other non-classical musicians who want to make a studio recording first and then mime to it during a video session:

We would be delighted to recommend a number of fantastic videographers and video companies with which we have collaborated over the years. Click below to discuss your requirements or here to see more of our projects.