Glyndebourne opera house

There is nothing like a live recording to capture the excitement of a concert. Eastwood Records specialises in live recording and has worked in a number of prestigious venues including Cadogan Hall, Wigmore Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, King's College Chapel and Glyndebourne Opera House. We have also recorded events in more unusual spaces such as the streets of Berkeley, California, country house gardens and multi-storey car parks. We enjoy making the most of each space through careful planning and optimum mic placement.

We offer a range of live recording services, from stereo archive captures (using a high-quality pair of microphones) to broadcast-grade multitrack recordings with up to 64 audio channels. Recordings can be delivered as multitrack stems, mixed and mastered in a subsequent session or used as the basis for a studio recording with additional tracking and overdubs. We can also record the rehearsals leading up to a concert and produce patch sessions if the client wants extra material for the final edit.

Eastwood Records is well equipped for location recording. We have a decent microphone locker that includes matched pairs of beyerdynamic MC930s, Neumann KM183s and KM185s and Sennheiser MKH8040s and MKH8020s. We also have stereo pairs of vintage beyerdynamic MC740s and M160 ribbon mics, modern and vintage dynamic mics (including the beyer M201, M69 and M88), several Jensen transformer-equipped DI boxes by Radial Engineering and various microphone and guitar preamplifiers by LA Audio, Line6 and RME. 

Alongside our mics and preamps, we have a wide selection of ancillary gear including mic stands, stereo bars and clamps by K&M, DPA and Manfrotto, and various hanging cable solutions that allow discreet mic placement for TV broadcasts and video sessions. We use custom-made fibre optic cable runs and analogue multicore reels by Canford Audio and Argosy, and run multitrack backups to ensure total reliability.

We'd be delighted to discuss your requirements: